The quality of a HYDROSOL

The quality of a hydrosol depends on the plant and the soil in which the plant grew. It also depends on the quality of the air, the climatic conditions during the growth of the plant, the precise time chosen to  collect the plant, the waiting time before distillation and, of course, the quality of the water.

BoreA Canada is able to meet all these quality criteria thanks to its very favourable geographical location, in the heart of the wild boreal forest, far from homes and pollution and where the water, land and air are pure.

Latin Name: Solidago canadensis

French Name: Verge D’or

English Name: Goldenrod

Familly: Asteraceae

Origin: Canada

Distilled Part: Aerial part

Certification: Organic by ECOCERT USDA




The Goldenrod is recognizable by its very small and numerous flower heads. In summer and fall, the plant displays a floriferous, bright yellow top all over Québec Province. It prefers wetlands, river banks and the Greater St. Lawrence Valley.

Recommendations: Essential oils and hydrosols are wonderful for the well-being of humans, animals, insects and plants. There are many books on the subject of aromatherapy and they should be referred to for the proper and safe use of essential oils. We also recommend that you consult an aromatherapy professional, who will be able to target the aromatic molecules of essential oils and their biochemical groupings, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your care.

The information provided on this website does NOT in any way constitute a recommendation for the care or treatment of any particular medical condition or disease.

We do not add any preservatives to our hydrosols, so they should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light and air, in order to keep them for 1 to 3 years.