100% pure, natural, genuine, organic and chemotyped essential oils, obtained by using the traditional method of steam distillation and a multi-circular ecological process.


The quality of a hydrosol depends on the plant and the soil in which the plant grew. It also depends on the quality of the air, the climatic conditions during the growth of the plant, the time chosen to harvest the plant, the waiting time before distillation and, of course, the quality of the water.


At BoreA Canada, we take the time to know the medicinal plants of the boreal forest and offer them to you as precious materials or an indispensable resource. The therapeutic properties of these plants have been known for thousands of years by the First Nations and today by the scientific world for their importance to health and beauty care.


Harvested by hand in a forest that borders the great St. Lawrence River in eastern Quebec, our clear balsam fir resin is 100% pure. It reinvigorates the health and happiness of our people. A resin that sticks to the heart of all perfumers!