our policy

Quality Control

BoreA Canada gives immense importance to the quality of its products. Whether it is to meet its certifications (ECOCERT, CEAF/BNQ), or for a specific customer request, or to meet internal specifications, as well as to provide a consistent product, all operations are monitored, controlled and documented from cutting the trees to the final product. A quality analysis is performed (GC – gas chromatography) for each batch. Other quality tests are available upon customer request.

Also, all processes follow Vegan and Kosher guideline. All harvesting sites are controlled to make sure no pesticide has been used in the last 3 years (as per ECOCERT certification) and that no GMO or heavy metal is present.

About Sustainability

BoreA Canada’s mission is aligned with the sustainable development of Quebec’s boreal forest, allowing our daily activities to be carried out in cooperation and respect. This includes:

  • Partnerships with the government (Ministries of forestry, wildlife, roads, environment)
  • Agreements/Protections
  • First Nations assets
  • Critically endangered species (animal and vegetal)
  • Lakes and river shores
  • Wild animal management through harvesting
  • Regeneration management of the forest


BoreA Canada provides complete transparency to our customer base, 3rd party auditors, governments and NGOs about our operations, processes and harvest sites by welcoming them to visit our facility and community. This helps everybody understand how BoreA Canada is unique, innovative and respectful of nature and the local ecosystem.