BoreA Canada uses a circular distillation process, in symbiosis with an electricity generation plant that uses biomass. The process creates steam from our residual material which is used as fuel. This creates a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emission (GHG), compared to conventional processes.


BoreA Canada’s innovative facilities enable year-round operations with a high production capacity. All operations are monitored, controlled, and documented, from the cutting of trees to the end of production. The entire operation is certified organic by Ecocert Canada and the BNQ-CEAF, which is a certification program for businesses in forest management.

A respect for the environment, the involvement of local communities and compliance with government laws and regulations are of paramount importance for BoreA Canada.

The ecological distillation processes we use allow us to offer organic products that are unique, innovative and of superior quality.

APRC Balsam Fir Production

Straight From the Source Balsam Fir-APRC

Straight Form The Source: Black Spruce Essential Oil

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